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Artificial Teeth (Complete/Full Denture,Partial Denture, Fixed Bridge/Fixed Teeth, Cast Partial Denture, Over Denture, Immediate Denture)

When one , more than one,or all teeth of upper&/or lower jaws  are lost/missing/extracted the person faces  inefficient chewing,speech problem, unaesthetic looks and many other problems. So this kind of edentulism should be replaced by artificial tooth /teeth. This artificial substitute of natural tooth is known as Denture.Denture though may be fixed  or removable ,commonly the the denture term is used for removable types.RPD(removable partial denture),CD (complete denture),single complete denture,over denture, immediate denture etc .are various kinds  we usually fabricate depending upon patient's condition & requirement. If you are in any such kind of condition,just contact us to get the best.